Exterior Solar Screen Fabrics

Exterior Solar Screen Fabrics

Shade on Demand is proud to offer top quality exterior solar screen fabrics from Mermet. These fabrics block up to 95% of harmful UV rays and up to 90% of direct solar heat gain. These fabrics allow light to pass through the weave of the fabric so that objects or images in the background remain visible. Color is the most important factor in determining the overall performance of transparent solar screen fabrics. Darker colors absorb more solar radiation and transmit less light, improving transparency during daylight hours. In other words, dark colors maintain the best view. Lighter colors absorb less radiation and transmit more light, resulting in less transparency. We recommend darker colors for most applications.

Another important factor is openness, which determines the portion of the incident light that passes through the fabric. Our exterior solar screen fabrics range in openness from 5% to 10%. Select 10% openness to maximize transparency (view through), or 5% to maximize sun protection.

Mermet has been producing innovative solar screen fabrics since 1976. Fabrics made with their EndurisTM Glass-Core technology - a combination of superior coatings and glass yarn at the core - are tested and proven to eliminate heat from solar radiation while providing strength, durability, UV resistance and beautiful color. We offer three Mermet fabrics - Vienne (10% open), Natte (10% open) and Satine (5% open). These use the same core yarn, but are differentiated primarily by the weave and resulting weight - 10.4, 13.9, and 15.8 oz. per yd2, respectively. Mermet fabrics are ideal for our tensioned exterior solar screens (e.g., Eclipse E-Zip, Tucson Sunfix), because the fabrics do not stretch under the heat of the sun.

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