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Corradi Pergotenda Awning Systems

Flagship of the Corradi line, Pergotenda transforms outdoor spaces into smart and welcoming havens, protected from the sun, wind and rain. The name, Pergotenda, is derived from the Italian words for pergola (pergo) and awning (tenda). Pergotenda combines the strength, stability, and appearance of a pergola with the sun and rain protection of a retractable awning, providing the best of both worlds. Add Ermetika® vertical drop enclosures along the perimeter, and your outdoor space is protected from wind, rain, and sun.

Traditional pergolas can be attractive and can provide some shade. But they do not provide complete protection from the sun, and they do little to block rain and wind.
Retractable lateral arm awnings provide protection from sun and rain, but they cannot tolerate high winds or rain squalls, making them unusable under certain conditions. In contrast, PergoTenda provides protection from sun, rain and wind when desired, and can remain wide open when appropriate.

Pergotenda models can be free standing or affixed to a supporting wall. They consist of a laminated wood or aluminum structure and folding canvas, made from Corradi Eclissi laminated vinyl fabric. The canvas is supported by intermediate supporting tubes every 20-24”, and moves by sliding on runners built into rafters, which span across the PergoTenda at intervals up to 14.75’. The movement is driven by a radio-controlled motor.
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Key Pergotenda benefits include:
  • Large projections possible - up to 25'-6" with a single unit and 51' with two units back to back
  • No limitations on width - can cover areas 40' or more wide
  • Tolerant of high winds - at least Beaufort 8 (39-46 mph "steady gale"), and up to Beaufort 11 (64-73 mph "strong storm"), depending on projection and width.
  • Outstanding design and style - with aluminum or wood structures to complement any existing building design
For existing structures, we can provide the retractable cover system, which can be integrated into the existing design. The cover system alone is called Impact. We can cover a wide variety of existing structures, or can work with the architect or designer of a new structure to design in an Impact system. Hence, you are not limited to the aluminum and laminated wood structures provided by Corradi.

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