Retractable Patio Covers

Shade on Demand offers retractable patio covers from Corradi USA and Stobag. These patio covers provide sun when you want it and shade when you need it. Retractable covers can be positioned to provide exactly the amount of protection desired from sun or rain -- from fully open to fully closed. And these covers are highly wind resistant, making them ideal for windy sites.




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Corradi Pergotenda


Strength, stability, and appearance of a pergola with the sun and rain protection of a retractable awning, providing the best of both worlds. 
airomatic a3-250

Stobag Airomatic


Weather projection system for conservatories, glass roofs and skylights, available in widths up to 18’ and projections up to 19’-8”
keyvisual reg7-250

Stobag Pergolino


Retractable weather protection system for decks and patios.  Unlike retractable lateral arm awnings, Pergolino is able to withstand high winds and weather.

Stobag Targa


Suitable for larger, complex glass roofing and pergola substructures, available in widths up to 23’ and projections up to 23’






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