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Retractable awnings let owners control the weather on their own terms. When passing showers threaten, or when the sun gets hot, they or the home automation system unroll the awning for near-instant protection and shade.

Retractable Awnings
Retractable Awnings
Retractable Awnings
Retractable Awnings
Retractable Awnings
Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are designed to protect you and your family from the harsh rays of the sun. They provide many additional benefits to their owners. A high-quality retractable awning will also keep you dry in a light rain, reduce heat gain in your house, reduce annoying glare, stop interior fabric fading and make your deck or patio a cool, comfortable place to relax.


Shade on Demand has selected Eclipse Shading Systems as our primary source of retractable awnings. Eclipse has a full line of retractable awnings for decks, patios, and windows, including a wide range of price points.


Retractable Awning Fabrics

proudly offers Sunbrella® brand woven acrylic fabrics.


Best all around solution for projections up to 13'

Eclipse SC

Semi-cassette for extra fabric protection when retracted

Ultimate Eclipse

Most robust construction for projections up to 13'

Total Eclipse

Best choice for projections over 13' -- up to 16'-6"

Drop Arm

Ideal for windows or covered porches


If you are thinking about buying an awning online, think twice. Do you need help specifying the awning, installing the awning, or resolving problems that might occur down the road? Shade on Demand provides a complimentary site evaluation, where we determine the proper size of the awning and how it will be mounted, and help you select fabric pattern and color, frame color, valance shape, and accessories.


We make sure that your awning will meet your needs and requirements, and will be installed properly. After installation, if there is a problem, our highly-trained service technicians can be dispatched promptly to get your issue resolved. When you order online, you are on your own when it comes to installation and service. Don't take a chance. Buy from a trusted, experienced local dealer. As one online customer noted, "I now know that quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!"

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