Side Retention Screens 

 The exterior screens block out almost 100% of the sun’s UV rays, meaning your furniture, carpets, hardwood floors and artwork are protected. Stylish and attractive, these drop screens can be motorized and operated with push-button remote control ease.


Exterior Solar Screens block up to 90% of solar heat gain, reduce indoor temperatures by up to 25 degrees, and block up to 97% of damaging UV rays. Solar screens can be controlled with keypads, remote transmitters, timers, sun sensors, wind sensors, and even home automation systems. These see-through shades come in a range of weaves, colors, and styles. They help to minimize glare, while maintaining your view, and helping to achieve the comfort of privacy.


Exterior solar screens come in two basic varieties:

  • Systems where the roller tube is enclosed in a metal headbox, and where the shade bottom bar is secured by side tracks or cables

  • Systems where the roller tube is exposed, where there are no side tracks or cables, but where the shades are secured manually with flexible tie-downs.

Most of the systems installed by Shade On Demand are of the former variety, but we offer the exposed roller system for lower-budget applications.



Eclipse 4" Exterior Cassette Solar Screen

For applications where advanced wind control features are not required, the economical Eclipse 4" exterior cassette solar screen is an excellent fit. This model is available in widths up to 13' and heights up to 11'. Manual and motorized versions are available. Solar screen fabrics include Mermet Natte, Satine, and Vienne; and Ferrari 86 and 92. Hardware colors are white, desert sand and brown. The Eclipse 4" exterior cassette solar screen is manufactured by Eclipse Shading Systems in the USA. Warranty is for 10 years, and upgradeable to lifetime.


Eclipse E-Zip

The Eclipse E-Zip motorized exterior screen features a side fabric retention system, which tensions the fabric horizontally between the two side tracks. It is ideal for windy sites and can be used to cover windows as well as the sides of a patio enclosure. Solar screen fabrics are available with openness factors ranging from 14% to 5%, including Mermet Natte and Satine, and Ferrari Soltis 86 and 92. These are ideal for blocking UV, glare, and heat while maintaining the view. We can also provide clear vinyl window panels with solid Ferrari Precontraint 502 borders for stability, which help block wind and hold in heat during cool summer nights as well as in colder times of the year. The E-Zip 5" model is available in widths up to 23' and heights up to 18'. The 4" model is available in widths up to 23' and heights up to 8'. Hardware colors are white, desert sand, and brown. E-Zip is manufactured by Eclipse Shading Systems in the USA. Warranty is for 10 years, and upgradeable to lifetime.


Exterior Solar Screen Fabrics

Shade on Demand is proud to offer top quality exterior solar screen fabrics from Mermet. These fabrics block up to 95% of harmful UV rays and up to 90% of direct solar heat gain. These fabrics allow light to pass through the weave of the fabric so that objects or images in the background remain visible. Color is the most important factor in determining the overall performance of transparent solar screen fabrics. Darker colors absorb more solar radiation and transmit less light, improving transparency during daylight hours. In other words, dark colors maintain the best view. Lighter colors absorb less radiation and transmit more light, resulting in less transparency. We recommend darker colors for most applications.


Another important factor is openness, which determines the portion of the incident light that passes through the fabric. Our exterior solar screen fabrics range in openness from 5% to 10%. Select 10% openness to maximize transparency (view through), or 5% to maximize sun protection.


Mermet has been producing innovative solar screen fabrics since 1976. Fabrics made with their EndurisTM Glass-Core technology - a combination of superior coatings and glass yarn at the core - are tested and proven to eliminate heat from solar radiation while providing strength, durability, UV resistance and beautiful color. We offer three Mermet fabrics - Vienne (10% open), Natte (10% open) and Satine (5% open). These use the same core yarn but are differentiated primarily by the weave and resulting weight - 10.4, 13.9, and 15.8 oz. per yd2, respectively. Mermet fabrics are ideal for our tensioned exterior solar screens (e.g., Eclipse E-Zip, Tucson Sunfix) because the fabrics do not stretch under the heat of the sun.